Rat Control Farnborough

In the UK there are two main species of rat, the common brown rat and the black rat. Rat control in Farnborough  methods ensure discretion and effectiveness and will leave you with peace of mind.

Identify the Pest

Whilst there are two main species of rat within the UK, the treatment and preparation is very much the same. A rat infestation may not be obvious to the naked eye but there are many key things that you must look out for if you feel you have a rat problem in Farnborough . The most common places to look for any sign of a rat problem in Farnborough will be within your home or garden. There are seven key things you should be on the look out for:

  1. Faeces – Their Faeces are usually 1-2cm long and have a long dark shape. 
  2. Scratching – Under the floors, within the walls or under decking, you will hear these rats scurrying around in search of food.
  3. Damage – Rats teeth are extremely strong and can chew throw almost anything, they can even chew threw electrical wires, plastics and woods.
  4. Distinctive Smells – These rodents will leave a very distinct smell, it will be strong in partial areas.
  5. Nests – Nests will contain young, they are usually built out of whatever they can find like newspapers, plastics etc. These will usually be in warm places hidden away.
  6. Burrows – In your garden you should be aware of any burrows, this can happen particularly under sheds.
  7. Ripped Food Packaging – If there is food available their teeth will chew through almost anything so be aware of teeth marks on opened food packaging.

Preparation for Treatment

To prepare for rat  eradication in Farnborough , there is not much on this one really, other than the obvious, any children or pets in the property. Leave all evidence found for the tech to investigate, always a great idea to ask how long they have had the problem and if they have tried to deal with it themselves. Make sure any small gaps are sealed as young rats may be able to fit through holes as small as 1cm in diameter.  Make sure any places you store food is sealed away and out of reach to any rodents. make sure bins are closed and rubbish and mess is cleared away.


Rat control in Farnborough will require a full investigation of property internal & external, baits/traps to be laid in all areas of high risk. The disposal for rats can vary depending on the level of infestation and the location of the infested area. A follow up visit to be carried out, technician to advise when as some need a week & some can be left up to 3 weeks depending scale of infestation. On 2nd visit any visible bodies removed, baits topped up and left on site as long as they are out of sight and reach to children & pets. Additional visits to be charged if required at half the initial cost. Contact us today for a free quote by phone (0800 084 2292) or email. [contact-form-7 id=”999″ title=”Contact form 1″]